Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe

Hwange National Park is the largest national park in Zimbabwe and sees thousands of visitors every year. Hwange has over 100 different species of mammals and over 400 different species of birds. It is situated only 3hrs away from World-famous Victoria Falls, making it the perfect bush gateway! African Heart Travel tells you why it is bucket-list candidate on a safari holiday in Southern Africa.

During the dry season from July to October, the watering holes become a haven for fauna while the flora thins out making the animals easier to spot. This makes your stay inevitably more crowded due to the popular time of year.

However, if you’re looking for a quieter holiday then you should consider visiting during the green season months from November to April. Visiting during this time will mean the fauna will be greener and if you’re lucky you might spot new-borns finding their feet in the wild. For bird enthusiasts the green season is the best time of year for bird spotting as flocks migrate in massive numbers to the park. Visiting during the green season means that the rain has turned much of the dry plains into grasslands which attract all sorts of animals such as zebra, impala, waterbuck and kudu. The presence and amount of all these grazers attract predators and there is a good chance you could catch a lion or cheetah on the hunt for some lunch.

Hwange National Park is one of the last few elephant sanctuaries left in Africa and as such it is very likely that you will see plenty. A heard of 100 strong elephants can also be seen. It is also famous for its numerous wild dogs packs. In fact, the HQ of the local NGO Painted Dog is based here and monitors the healthy population of wild dogs living in the park.

The park also offers a thrilling night drive experience for guests. We have a few gems for you choose from for your stay in Hwange such as The Private Hide or Camp Hwange

There is no permanent watering source in the park as the animals rely on the numerous watering holes that pop up after the heavy rains. However, the park has maintained a number of these watering holes throughout the year which ensures the livelihood of many animals.

With so many different species of animals and plants to see Hwange National Park is definitely a place to visit for anyone in search of an authentic wildlife experience. And you just so happen to know the right person to ask : Our team !