Fork-tailed drongo (Dicrurus adsimilis)

It features a deeply forked tail, robust bill with red eyes. It is a black bird. Sexes are similar, but the male has a less deeply forked tail. It is 25cm in length and weighs 44g. It feeds on insects, nectar, ticks from cattle and termites from the ground.

The nest is a thinly walled cup made of twigs, strongly bound together with spider web strands. It is usually placed like a hammock between the branches of a tree fork.

It is found in the savannah and riverine woodland, but also common in forest edges, farmlands and grassland with scattered trees. Can be seen in most countries north of Southern Africa.

This fearless and aggressive bird mimics other birds alarm calls and steals their prey. This bird is also the only known regular host of the African Cuckoo.