Scientifically known as Philetairus socius. Its features a grey bill, black face mask, black scaled flanks and a scalloped back. It is about 14cm long and weighs 27g. Sexes are similar, but the female has a smaller throat patch. It feeds on seeds and insects.

These species of birds build and maintain enormous nests in trees, on telephone poles or windmills. Nests are built entirely of grass and each pair build’s its own nest chamber within the structure, used for breeding. Up to 500 birds live together in these nests.

Its habitat is arid savannah and dry woodlands. These birds can be found in Namibia and north of South Africa.

These species have a symbiotic relationship with wasps. It benefits from defensive behaviour of wasps towards predators, while wasps benefits from increases in localised prey, which may be attracted to bird faeces.