Known as the Jesus Bird for walking on water. Scientifically known as Actophilornis africanus.

It features a chestnut plumage with a pale blue bill and frontal shield. The female is considerably larger than the male. It is between 23- 32cm long, the male weighs 140g while the female weighs 232g. it feeds on aquatic insects, spiders, small fish, crustaceans, molluscs and some plant matter.

Nests are a sodden platform built on floating vegetation. Once the last egg is laid, the male incubates and takes over all parental duties. The female is known to be polyandrous, meaning she has several partners. This bird’s habitat is fresh waters and margins of slow- flowing rivers with low emergent vegetation.

It can be seen in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, northern Namibia, northern Botswana and the eastern parts of South Africa.