Dear Friends of African Heart Travel,

Welcome to our English page

We would like to welcome you and introduce ourselves to you.

We are a tour operator based in Cape Town (South Africa) and offer our expertise to travellers wishing to discover the beauties of Southern Africa (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe).

Although most of our clients are originating from French-speaking countries, we do have, from time to time, have other languages on our tour. We use English on this page as a common ground to be able to communicate. We do offer tours for English-speakers as well as other languages (upon request).

Specialised in tailor-made itineraries for private groups, we also take bigger groups and work closely with other tour operators and travel agencies, overseas and locally.

We have 11 existing tours available but often work with the clients to customise their tour according to their budget and interest.

Click on the link below to have a short overview of our tours :

Summarise of AHT tours 2015

If you want more details, click on the link of the tour you’re interested in :

  • The Rainbow nation (20 days), from 3 930€/pers : click HERE
  • South Africa (11 days, from Johannesburg to Cape Town), from 2 315€/pers : click HERE
  • South Africa (12 days, from Cape Town to Johannesburg), from 2 280€/pers : click HERE
  • The East coast of South Africa (13 days, from Johannesburg to Johannesburg ) : from 2 790€/pers : click HERE
  • 2 oceans (South Africa, 10 days) : from 1 735€/pers : click HERE
  • Lost path of Southern Africa (21 days, from Cape Town to Victoria falls), from 6 480€/pers : click HERE
  • Southern African adventures (20 days, from Victoria falls to Victoria falls), from 5 375€/pers : click HERE
  • The wild Botswana (12 days, from Maun to Maun), from 3 575€/pers : click HERE
  • The wild Botswana (17 days, from Johannesburg to Johannesburg ), from 4 375€/pers : click HERE
  • In the heart of Himba Land (12 days, from Windhoek to Windhoek), from 3 410€/pers : click HERE
  • The great East (from Johannesburg to Johannesburg ), from 3 650€/pers : click HERE

We offer you a full package service, from A (design of the itinerary) to Z (taking them on tour). We design the tour directly with you and book all the necessary accommodation, activities, rental car etc. That way, we ensure we give you the best service. You only have one interlocutor, in your mother tongue.

Should you wish to, we can take you on a guided tour with our own guide. We also have our own vehicle (for up to 4 guests only) and rent bigger vehicles when required.

Over the years we have established a network of business partners, We met them personally and have approved their excellent quality services. We have worked closely together ever since.

Feel free to contact us today for a free quote :